Policy Statement

The inaugural meeting of the  „International Ophthalmic Floater Society“ took place on September 11, 2016 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

A group of ophthalmologists from all the world (USA, Germany, France, Poland) with an interest in treatment of the floaters met to propose the formation of an international society.

Reasons for develop such a society:

  1. It welcomes members from all countries
  2. It is a medical society rather than an optometric one
  3. It encourages membership from ophthalmologists who practice a holistic approach to the treatment of floaters including vitreolysis, vitrectomy, optical aids, medical therapies and psychological counselling.

Goals of the newly formed IOFS:

  1. Mutual support and communication of knowledge between members of the IOFS and all other ophthalmologists
  2. Floater Classification
  3. Establishing therapy guidelines depending on the  floater type